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Scott K. Brown, owner and photographer at Pixel Factory


Scott started shooting photography professionally in 1981 while working for a yearbook company. He continued his passion in the field with his desire to excel beyond the requirements and show his creative abilities behind the lens. Over the years, Scott mastered the transition from film to digital photography, educating those around him. A native of Richmond, Va., Scott has worked with a wide variety of clients through his career, including Sports Illustrated, Capital One, Budweiser, Busch Gardens, Virginia Tourism, and Virginia Commonwealth University.


Scott, who is both creative and technically savvy, is constantly setting goals and achieving milestones, especially as he sees a future in blending technology in the visual and virtual worlds. In the past 10 years, Scott has cultivated the business of capturing and moving hundreds of thousands of images across the globe in real time. He has also configured networks that store images for some of the world’s largest corporations and moved them around the world at the speed of light over fiber, as the demand for immediate digital needs is growing rapidly. Scott is the father of one daughter, Taylor, who is chasing her own career in Sports Medicine in college with the same passion that he did for photography.


Logan Whitton, Pixel Factory staff photographer

Logan is a product of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Photography and Film program. He started at the Pixel Factory studio in 2013 as an intern under the direction of Scott. Logan earned a position as a photographer immediately out of college as part of the Pixel Factory team and is currently a full-time photographer, studio manager, and FAA certified drone pilot. Logan brings great talent to the staff with his creative eye and enthusiasm for new initiatives in both photography and video projects. Logan, a native of Richmond, Va., and his wife Katherine have three cats.


Niki DeSantis, Pixel Factory staff editor and manager

Niki is responsible for overseeing the editing of Pixel Factory Creative Studio’s photography and video projects. She assists with workflow management and is a team player in bringing fresh ideas and creative approaches to enhance Pixel Factory Creative Studio’s client content. With a strong communications and graphic design background, Niki contributes additional talents to the Pixel Factory team. Niki, native of Fairview, Pa., has over six years with the Pixel Factory. Niki is a fur-mom of two dogs. 

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